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Pilates group classes at your place of work

Central and SE London

Benefits of Pilates

  • Increases core strength and stability

  • Improves flexibility, mobility and posture

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Non-impact exercise, can be suitable for all abilities

I experienced the benefits of Pilates firsthand having practiced Pilates alongside my dance training at Trinity Laban, BA(Hons) & The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, (Post Grad Diploma). My understanding of anatomy and movement through my dance degree was the perfect basis for training as a Pilates instructor with Stott Pilates in 2010. I have continued adding to my skills over the years with additional workshops such as Post & Pre- natal matwork (Stott Pilates), Ball Pilates for core strength and Pelvic Floor workshop (FitPro).


I am also a qualified gym & fitness instructor, currently also teaching body conditioning classes, fitness yoga and Dynamic aerial yoga in gyms in Central and SE London. During my career in the fitness industry I have gained a variety of teaching qualifications that have added to and enriched my skills within the field; I have also taught barre fit, spinning, boxing fit, circuit training, step aerobics, and Kangoo (here's me on Loose Women in 2013 if you're not sure what that is!). Although I've always specialised in Pilates, my approach is hollistic; I identify the needs and listen to the goals of my clients or class and then tailor my approach, calling on all of my areas of experience and expertise.  

Qualification certification and insurance details available on request

Ruth has been teaching at my

work place for several years . I  appreciate her imaginative approach and how she gets me to use muscles I never  knew I had! The results were subtle at first, but I now walk taller and move better than ever before thanks to her.

Alex,  Finance

I’d never enjoyed an exercise class before Ruth’s Pilates class. She has a knack of making it both  stretching and fun. Ruth takes care to ensure that each of us gets the most we can out of the class. I often arrive feeling  stiff and tired out after a day at my desk and leave feeling energised and a couple of inches taller! It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be taught by such a talented and likeable young woman.”  .

Diana,  Human Resorces

“I initially joined Ruth’s Pilates class when recovering from an injury several years ago and it continues to be important for my fitness and wellbeing.  As well as the classic Pilates exercises, she is constantly introducing new moves that keep it fresh and challenging, and most of all fun.  It is the highlight of my week.” 

Tracey, Estates

I'm sure everyone would agree that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is of upmost importance. Pilates is steady, mindful and can provide a great deal of relaxation as well as the fitness benefits. The beauty of a mat-based Pilates class at your work place is that you only need a space, a mat and a willingness to prioritse your time and your wellbeing. I'll bring the expertise, experience and encouragement, and together we'll make your work day even better.


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